Vent Caps & Keeping Water Out of CNG Systems

Guelph, ON – May 2nd, 2016 – Emcara Gas Development Inc. today announced the major benefits of using their Garter Vent Caps on CNG systems.  The Garter Vent Cap was designed to keep outside water and other foreign matters out of the system.  It has been well documented that allowing outside water and other foreign matter into a system can cause major damages that may be detrimental to the entire system, including damage to any Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs) on the market as stated in a recent Technology Bulletin by NGV America

It is critical to keep the system sealed from outside materials and the Garter Vent Cap allows for a robust line of defence.  The Garter provides a strong seal between itself and the vent line, ensuring that water and other materials do not enter the system, while at the same time staying protected from UV light deterioration, pressure sprays, and other actions that have caused plastic or other caps to fly off or become damaged.

The Garter Vent Cap also possesses a unique poppet action that allows gas to escape and then quickly re-seals itself.  It is not unusual for a small amount of gas to build up in the line, the Garter allows for such permutation while still protecting the system from outside materials. The Garter “releases” between 5 to 10 psi of pressure.  This allows integrators to do away with weep holes, which is another possible area for water to enter the system.

Please contact the Emcara team for more information.