Emcara Releases its New 5,000 psi Pressure Relief Device for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the Viper PRD

Guelph, ON – June 28th, 2016 – Emcara Gas Development Inc. today announced their new 5,000psi Viper PRD.  The Viper PRD continues to have the unique, patent long-trigger technology that allows for full protection coverage of a tank or a bank of tanks in a CNG system of any size.

In addition to the existing benefits of the technology, many upgrades were made that address concerns of the protection of CNG systems in the industry.  The new PRD is designed for systems that have a working pressure of 5,000psi.  The Viper PRD also has the added benefit of a higher flow rate when venting in the case of a fire.  This allows gas to escape at a faster and more efficient manner, as it is extremely important to get the gas out as quickly as possible avoiding any possibility of a tank rupture. The internal mechanism utilized in this model of PRD is extremely robust, which increases its performance over the toughest of road conditions, this also includes enhanced corrosion protection.

The Viper PRD trigger can range from 4’ to 45’ in length, which allows for cost saving opportunities over other multiple PRD systems.  The trigger line also allows for detection of smaller fires over the length of the line.  Localized fires as small as 5” can now be detected in some conditions. The Viper PRD is fully certified ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013* and is ready for use in the market.

*ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013 currently offers only a 3,600 psi certification