Emcara is an innovator in the alternative fuels industry.

Established in 2010, Emcara Gas Development Inc. is in the safety technology business for alternative fuel systems. We specialize in the only long-trigger thermally activated pressure relief devices available on the market today, as well as related products for compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuelling systems, and bulk haul systems. Our products enhance safety, performance, reliability and system flexibility.

In addition to safety products, Emcara provides system design support for systems and component design, predictive calculations, physical testing, and systems troubleshooting.

Industries served include heavy vehicles, on-road bulk haul transport, rail, and ground storage.

Emcara continually has a robust pipeline of new products in development that will assist in the growth and development of the alternative fuel industry. While we continue to developing solutions that increase safety and performance, Emcara is paving the way in the future of alternative fuel systems.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative, safe and cost effective components for alternative fuel systems, leading to the growth and success of the alternative fuels market.

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