At Emcara, we take pride in the depth of industry knowledge that is embedded in our engineering processes. From concept, to product development, to systems and component design, to product and systems testing; we focus on integrity and performance.

We utilize a collaborative approach to component and system design, thereby benefitting from an ‘extra set of eyes’ at critical project milestones. Even though we are a small company, our engineering team is capable of big things!


Emcara’s long trigger thermally activated pressure relief devices and related safety products have unique designs that propel them beyond any products on the market today. In fact, Emcara produces the only long trigger, thermally activated PRD.

Emcara products are designed to perform reliably and consistently while providing a level of safety that is unsurpassed. By incorporating lessons we’ve learned along the way, we leverage a technically sound design methodology when designing new products and upgrading existing products.


Following delivery of products or services, we are known for going out of our way to assist our customers with product installation, technical training and trouble shooting. We believe that with our support, our customers can have the safest systems available.

We provide on-site technical support, assist with system design, tests and analysis, diagnose system deficiencies and failure modes, and suggest modifications or upgrades to improve system performance.

Industries Served

Emcara supports the alternative fuels industry, specializing in compressed natural gas and hydrogen applications. With products designed for fuel systems, on-road bulk haul, rail, and ground storage; Emcara has developed a reputation as an innovator in the safety device market.

We are active participants in the development of safety standards, filling the roles such as: Chair (NGV 1), Vice-Chair (NGV 3.1), participants in the development of NGV 2, NGV 6.1, Common Issues (commonalities across standards) and the Automotive Technical Committee.