Balanced Actuator Valves (BAV)

Guelph, ON – June 1st, 2012 – Emcara Gas Development Inc. today announced their new product, the Badger, which is a Balanced Actuator Valve. The Badger is a complementary product to Emcara’s patented long trigger PRD’s, as it increase the flow rate to ~450 SCFM. The increased flow rate reduces the time it takes to vent down a tank(s).

“The Badger aligns with our mission statement at Emcara; by providing products and solutions that not only increases safety on alternative fuel tanks, but it also reduce costs for our customers. The Badger is quickly becoming a necessity on very large tanks and storage systems, which require a quicker flow rate,” said Erick Girouard, President of Emcara Gas Development Inc.

The Badger is available for purchase, please contact the Emcara team for more information.