Guelph, ON – June 1st, 2012 – Emcara Gas Development Inc. today launched the innovative Cobra Pressure Relief Device for the Compressed Natural Gas industry. The Cobra PRD is a first-of-its-kind, designed with a thermally activated long trigger that covers tanks that range from 5’ to 9’ long. The Cobra PRD is certified to PRD-1 standards.

The long trigger is a patent protect technology that was the developed by Emcara’s President Erick Girouard.

“I recognized that the CNG industry was growing and evolving. Tanks and configurations were growing in size and so to was the demand for increased safety protection. Our long trigger PRD offers increased safety features, while in most instances reduces the overall cost to the consumer,” said Erick Girouard, President of Emcara Gas Development Inc.

The Cobra PRD is available for purchase, please contact the Emcara team for more information.