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Aluminum Long Trigger Thermal PRD

1ST GENERATION / 3,600 PSI / 10 – 40′

Long Trigger PRD for CNG Gas

Only available as replacement PRD’s for systems currently using 1st generation PRD’s


The Python is an extension of the Emcara first generation thermally activated Long Trigger PRD product line with lengths from 10′ to 40′. The body is anodized aluminum with performance characteristics similar to the Cobra PRD.


Gas Type: CNG
Certified to PRD-1 Standard
Pressure: 3,600 psi nominal
Activation Temperature: 110 ºC
Activation Time: 30 seconds
Flow Rate: 85 SCFM (per PRD1/ISO15500)
Minimum Exposure Length: 15″
Length: 120″ – 480″
Body Size: 2″ x 2″ x 1.25″
Tank Thread (End-Boss Version): 1 1/8″, (larger versions possible)
Inlet Connection: SAE J1926-6 Port
Outlet Connection: SAE J1926-8 Port
Body Construction: Anodized Aluminum

Emcara PRD Safety

Python Aluminum Long Trigger Thermal PRD for CNG Gas
Python Aluminum Long Trigger Thermal PRD for CNG Gas Drawing

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  • Detects localized fire anywhere along the length of the PRD trigger
  • Vents contents when exposed to fire or heat
  • Can be interconnected for wide area protection or higher flow